I asked my former students in Bioethics, a subtopic in Ethics in Physical Therapy and my students in Human Sexuality a subtopic in the subject Psychiatry in Physical Therapy  to research about the effectivity of condoms, the side effects of hormonal contraceptives, and to find out if the overpopulation theory is true and to report it in class. With this assignment they were able to find out for themselves about the deeper issues not usually discussed by the proponents of the reproductive health bill. I usually give them pertinent assignments in preparation for our discussion, so we no longer have to waste so much time and effort in correcting misconceptions in one lecture session. Now that they have already found out themselves that the use of condoms and hormonal contraceptives is not equivalent to safe sex but equivalent to deadly sex and that overpopulation is a myth, before they attend my lecture- we could have progress in our discussion.

Since we are in an institution of higher learning, a University,  we must speak from evidence based research. This is the reason why i get disappointed when i hear Professors with high academic ranking talking and spreading misconceptions and not even taking the responsibility of correcting it when facts are already presented to them. I also got disappointed when a student writer in our university newsletter wrote that she cannot find anything wrong about the reproductive health bill- because all that is written about it is the improvement of maternal and child health and reproductive health. The student journalist did not even researched deeper, like if the measures proposed to attain the goals in the bill really equates to reproductive health- like the categorizing of hormonal contraceptives- a proven carcinogen and a risk factor for stroke and heart attacks as essential medicines- to be funded by taxpayers’ money and to be mass distributed. The newsletter was even funded by the student government and they did not learn about the substantial facts in that column, it is a waste and misuse of student government funds.

If you are in a beauty parlor or a market place- you are entitled to promote your misconceptions and your own uneducated opinion but in an institution of higher learning,  an uneducated opinion has no place and is irresponsible. I hope as educators we realize this and take responsibility for the good of our students- the youth, the future leaders of our beloved country.

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