Photo taken from http://wikibase.info/wb-what-is-musical-tone

I have long suspected that the Devil has a super PhD in Psychology, having observed men since the beginning of Creation. He has used all these knowledge into his advantage and he could easily dupe men into doing things without them being aware that it could lead to self-destruction ( his ultimate goal, by the way) . Everything seems harmless…think again…

Teaching kids about Halloween- displaying images of creatures from hell and making children imitate them- as their concept of fun- is IRRESPONSIBLE. Seeing institutions both sectarian/non-sectarian and parents practice pagan Halloween and make children wear Halloween costumes only meant they have lost sensitivity or their brains on the effect of these things on the minds of children. They are supposed to be praying for the souls of the Dead and not imitate ghastly creatures, violence, killing and hatred- all in the guise of fun! Children should be imitating the Saints- not witches, warlocks and vampires. Trick or treat is like telling children it’s alright to play tricks on people and get revenge on them if they don’t give them what they want- a mind conditioning that makes most of them grew up into adulthood with this kind of mentality. Turning thoughts and images of violence such as these:

Taken from : http://cityrag.com/2007/10/halloween-food/

As concepts for fun- is weird, definitely deviant and it’s the adults who are setting these kinds of examples on children- making them dysfunctional adults themselves in the future. Now, are we still wondering why some of our youth are becoming weird as they grow up? Parents and Institutional administrators, wake up! The youth of today are the future leaders tomorrow, we must safeguard not only their physical health but also their psychological and spiritual health- all are interrelated.

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