Glory to the Creator of all things both seen and unseen!

I am a Health Professional, I am in love with SCIENCE, and i am a SERVANT of TRUTH.

Science and Theology are like Brother Sun and Sister Moon

 IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, you want to know everything about him, want to be with him, want to see him smile, want to serve him… 🙂

Theology is the study of God- and of course if you love God, you want to know everything about HIM -including His likes and dislikes (the ten commandments) hobbies, His Mother, His Father, His friends… thus, the many branches of Theology. Knowing about Him will make you want to serve Him.

If you agree that GOD made this Universe, including mankind, both seen and the unseen. Then you ought to be in love with Science too, because science echoes the Word of God, Science reflects the majesty of the Creator through the Study of the Creation which includes the microscopic  and electromagnetic radiations etc..not visible to the human eye.

Anatomy- Study of the structure of Man.

Physiology- Study of the Functional processes of Man.

Astronomy- study of celestial bodies, the galaxies and the stars.

Geology- study of the solid Earth.

Etcetera etcetera….

My point is, if you are a Scientist you study the Creation. If you are a Theologian, you study the Creator. To understand Creation, you must know the Creator, to understand the Creator you must know the Creation. You see… they are not contradictory but complementary!  They are like Brother Sun and Sister Moon – both with the goal to glorify God.  🙂    Hmmm I miss someone…


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