Watch these documentaries and then answer the following questions:

  1. What is cognitive dissonance? Give example
  2. Give at least 10 experts eg. Professors, Scientists, Engineers… and the summary of each of their scientific explanation about the 911 incident.
  3. Give at least three (3) Cancer cures and the people who developed each.
  4. Give the reason why it is not made available to the Public and not disseminated in mainstream media.
  5. Relate the documentaries on your knowledge in Psychiatry (eg Anxiety disorder, Depression, PTSD, Coping Mechanism, Kohlberg’s Moral Development, Death and Dying etc…)


Write a reflection Paper about your field exposure in PT clinic, Wellness Center and PCPI.




God‘s design of Creation is unchanging, it is the TRUTH, it is Alpha and Omega. Our souls, anatomy, physiology etc.. is the same as our ancestors. What is good or harmful to their bodies and souls before is still applicable up to now.  However, man’s understanding of Creation is gradual, developing-evolving during time, depending on his capacity to grasp the “knowledge”.  In his study of diseases, man, with very little scientific stock knowledge attributed everything to the mysterious and spiritual, thus Shamans and faith healers are the “doctors” during the ancient times. As Science was evolving and becoming more sophisticated with the aid of microscope and other forms of biotechnology, Man was quick to disregard the spiritual and rely only in “Science”.  Wherein to see is to believe.

Now, after centuries of trial and error, Man realized that Science and Spirituality  exists together and that the Universe is composed of both the seen and the unseen. It doesn’t mean that the spiritual realm does not exist, just  because you cannot fully comprehend spirituality in a man-made laboratory through scientific experiments . Remember, we cannot see the bacteria and the electromagnetic waves all around us but it doesn’t mean it does not exist. Mans protocol for scientific experiments is not yet that evolved or sophisticated to study the realm of the spirits. However, Man is now beginning to realize that we must recognize his totality and treat the WHOLE person, which is body, mind , spirit and soul. Thus, there now exists many studies regarding spirituality in health care as enumerated below.

Fr. Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican was right when he said that many patients in mental institutions will be healed if exorcism and deliverance ministry were made as part of their regular treatment.

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I still have tons compiled but these are the ones I can post right now. However, i think this is enough to illustrate how the medical world has already recognized the indispensable relationship between body,mind, soul and spirit. I hope world governments will soon realize this as soon as possible…  I would like to refer you to my another  post titled “Give to Caesar, what is Caesar’s” and reflect.


How Far is Too Far? A must for everybody

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Why do I recommend this not only for teenagers, but for all age groups? well, a soul does not have an age, what is bad for children is also bad for adults , like pornography. Chronological age is not the factor to be considered but psychological maturity. If you are in your right mind in the first place, you will be able to control your base instincts. Man is gifted with high level of  intellect and freewill unlike the animals. The souls of Adam and Eve is just like the soul of every one of us. There is no modern or old when dealing with souls, it is not like the trendy fashions and modern architecture…that comes and goes. Our souls are immortal and priceless.. The  Scientific Explanation of Theology of the Body demands comprehensive explanation which I cannot do right now…:) Anyway, just surf videos of  Theology of the Body in youtube, especially this one from Jason Evert.

Is It Okay to Dress a 3-Year-Old in a Prostitute Costume for a Pageant? |

Is It Okay to Dress a 3-Year-Old in a Prostitute Costume for a Pageant? |

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The principle behind this is just like the principle why I am against teaching kids imitating blood sucking vampires, serial killers like Freddy Krueger, and curses and spell casting warlocks and witches during Halloween- it sends subliminal messages to the subconscious mind that things like these is OK and is even fun… Interview serial killers and you will know what i am talking about, how their childhood development were formed by seemingly “harmless” materials and role modeling of “good” adults..

In the case of Kids wearing prostitute get-ups- we must be clear,  firm and consistent about what is  the proper and modest  dress not only in words but also in actions. If you tell the children it’s not OK to wear things like this but you encourage teenagers (example : their older siblings) and you yourself are wearing things like this, then they will end up confused and subliminally think that everything’s just a joke…

One of my Priest friend told me before that he was shocked to learn that incest is the number one crime in a prison he visited. Apparently, girls (the daughters/relatives) imitate the dance act and costumes of “sex bomb” dancers (sexy dancers) and their mothers even encourage them to dance and dress like them, thinking it’s fun, it’s the trend and its harmless, well think again… Their uncles, Fathers and male cousins ended up having lustful thoughts watching girls dress and dance like prostitutes.. resulting to incest. (Will write more next time… gotta go to my appointment…)

Just came back from my appointment with JESUS, its First Friday… 🙂


I have nothing against the energetic dancing of most of our TV dancers, as a Physical Therapist, I encourage it as a form of fun exercise, I even worked in a Fitness Institution before and Taebo and belly dancing are taught there. Let us remember to be careful though, some dance moves are for professional dancers only, one wrong move could lead to Spinal Cord Injury or Traumatic Brain Injury.

The big problem lies with the immodest clothes that most dancers chose to wear without being aware of the psychological and spiritual implications of wearing outfits like these, which are supposedly worn only inside the matrimonial room (for their husband’s eyes only). Many souls go to hell because of immodest dresses. Many crimes are committed, many husbands become unfaithful, many families are broken because of immodest dresses. How I wish people in the academe advocate holistic health and realize the need to integrate everything. I wish i have the time to discuss more…. but there are too many pressing matters- I would like to write something about the scientific explanation of the Theology of the Body, having backgrounds in Anatomy, Physiology and Psychiatry- i am lucky to grasp the substance of the Theology of the Body written by  beloved Lolek. In the future, i hope i could discuss this.. with God’s Grace and Will of course… 🙂


If we only tell the TRUTH to our YOUTH… they will fully embrace it…

When i asked my students to research about Dr. Edward Green and Dr. Brian Clowes and their work about condoms- i don’t need to explain anymore about the deadly downside of using condoms, they understood the message. All that i have done is guide them to the right reading material and advise them to compare what the media personalities are saying and decide for themselves as to who is more credible.. This is a pattern i noticed… I only guided them to find out the TRUTH… and the TRUTH will do the rest…If only the adults themselves search for the TRUTH and promote it and guide our youth… then there is HOPE…

Videos taken from: thewayofthemaster youtube videos… thank you!



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I have long suspected that the Devil has a super PhD in Psychology, having observed men since the beginning of Creation. He has used all these knowledge into his advantage and he could easily dupe men into doing things without them being aware that it could lead to self-destruction ( his ultimate goal, by the way) . Everything seems harmless…think again…

Teaching kids about Halloween- displaying images of creatures from hell and making children imitate them- as their concept of fun- is IRRESPONSIBLE. Seeing institutions both sectarian/non-sectarian and parents practice pagan Halloween and make children wear Halloween costumes only meant they have lost sensitivity or their brains on the effect of these things on the minds of children. They are supposed to be praying for the souls of the Dead and not imitate ghastly creatures, violence, killing and hatred- all in the guise of fun! Children should be imitating the Saints- not witches, warlocks and vampires. Trick or treat is like telling children it’s alright to play tricks on people and get revenge on them if they don’t give them what they want- a mind conditioning that makes most of them grew up into adulthood with this kind of mentality. Turning thoughts and images of violence such as these:

Taken from :

As concepts for fun- is weird, definitely deviant and it’s the adults who are setting these kinds of examples on children- making them dysfunctional adults themselves in the future. Now, are we still wondering why some of our youth are becoming weird as they grow up? Parents and Institutional administrators, wake up! The youth of today are the future leaders tomorrow, we must safeguard not only their physical health but also their psychological and spiritual health- all are interrelated.

THE TRUE SHEPHERD- share video with your Priests and Pastors

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According to Wikipedia A shepherd (pronounced /ˈʃɛpərd/) is a person who tends, feeds or guards flocks of sheep.7

This is exactly what Jesus told Peter in John 21: 15-17  15When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?”  “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”  Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”  16Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me?”  He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”  17The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

Aside from feeding the flock with the Bread of Life, The Holy Eucharist, Peter should feed his flock with TRUTH even with an existing threat of persecution as a proof of his love for Jesus.  In this video a Priest was persecuted for telling the Truth about homosexuality and its his Lukewarm Bishop who persecuted him. The reason given is the 30 pieces of silver.  The Priest is just  doing his job properly- tending, caring and feeding his flock by telling the Truth because lies, misconceptions and delusions can lead to self-destruction. Please see scientific reasons why homosexuality leads to self-destruction in my previous post titled Homosexuality and its Health Risks.

Video taken from you tube videos.