How Far is Too Far? A must for everybody

(photo taken from – Listen to Jason Evert instead.)


Why do I recommend this not only for teenagers, but for all age groups? well, a soul does not have an age, what is bad for children is also bad for adults , like pornography. Chronological age is not the factor to be considered but psychological maturity. If you are in your right mind in the first place, you will be able to control your base instincts. Man is gifted with high level of  intellect and freewill unlike the animals. The souls of Adam and Eve is just like the soul of every one of us. There is no modern or old when dealing with souls, it is not like the trendy fashions and modern architecture…that comes and goes. Our souls are immortal and priceless.. The  Scientific Explanation of Theology of the Body demands comprehensive explanation which I cannot do right now…:) Anyway, just surf videos of  Theology of the Body in youtube, especially this one from Jason Evert.