Is It Okay to Dress a 3-Year-Old in a Prostitute Costume for a Pageant? |

Is It Okay to Dress a 3-Year-Old in a Prostitute Costume for a Pageant? |

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The principle behind this is just like the principle why I am against teaching kids imitating blood sucking vampires, serial killers like Freddy Krueger, and curses and spell casting warlocks and witches during Halloween- it sends subliminal messages to the subconscious mind that things like these is OK and is even fun… Interview serial killers and you will know what i am talking about, how their childhood development were formed by seemingly “harmless” materials and role modeling of “good” adults..

In the case of Kids wearing prostitute get-ups- we must be clear,  firm and consistent about what is  the proper and modest  dress not only in words but also in actions. If you tell the children it’s not OK to wear things like this but you encourage teenagers (example : their older siblings) and you yourself are wearing things like this, then they will end up confused and subliminally think that everything’s just a joke…

One of my Priest friend told me before that he was shocked to learn that incest is the number one crime in a prison he visited. Apparently, girls (the daughters/relatives) imitate the dance act and costumes of “sex bomb” dancers (sexy dancers) and their mothers even encourage them to dance and dress like them, thinking it’s fun, it’s the trend and its harmless, well think again… Their uncles, Fathers and male cousins ended up having lustful thoughts watching girls dress and dance like prostitutes.. resulting to incest. (Will write more next time… gotta go to my appointment…)

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I have nothing against the energetic dancing of most of our TV dancers, as a Physical Therapist, I encourage it as a form of fun exercise, I even worked in a Fitness Institution before and Taebo and belly dancing are taught there. Let us remember to be careful though, some dance moves are for professional dancers only, one wrong move could lead to Spinal Cord Injury or Traumatic Brain Injury.

The big problem lies with the immodest clothes that most dancers chose to wear without being aware of the psychological and spiritual implications of wearing outfits like these, which are supposedly worn only inside the matrimonial room (for their husband’s eyes only). Many souls go to hell because of immodest dresses. Many crimes are committed, many husbands become unfaithful, many families are broken because of immodest dresses. How I wish people in the academe advocate holistic health and realize the need to integrate everything. I wish i have the time to discuss more…. but there are too many pressing matters- I would like to write something about the scientific explanation of the Theology of the Body, having backgrounds in Anatomy, Physiology and Psychiatry- i am lucky to grasp the substance of the Theology of the Body written by  beloved Lolek. In the future, i hope i could discuss this.. with God’s Grace and Will of course… 🙂