EVIDENCE BASED CANCER CURE but not supported by the FDA and pharma industry

Burzynski the Movie. THIS IS A TRUE STORY, visit their site at http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/ and watch testimonies of patients who were cured of cancer.  Current chemotherapy advised by people supposed to promote health has so many side effects leading to deaths secondary to chemotoxicity. These drugs can only target a single gene to cure cancer but is aggressively promoted to the public by both the FDA and pharma industry. Dr. Burzynski’s anti-neoplastons can target up to a 100 genes to cure cancer but he was persecuted because of FDA does not recognize anti-neoplastons for cancer treatment and continue on advocating the harmful radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  If only the funding will be directed to him, then he could find a cure to target thousand genes! This is the battle between powers and principalities of good and evil in the medical industry! Also watch Cut, poison and burn for the Thomas Navarro patient rights act related to Dr. Burzynski’s case. The Medical profession needs lots of prayers, it is infiltrated by people who love money!

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